PCWerks has been involved in the medical transcription/medical information industry for over twelve years.  We offer solutions and support for everything from computer systems and foot pedals to productivity tools, books and videos, software solutions and our flagship MedEDocs Transcription System.

Solutions for Medical Information

MedEDocs Transcription System, our principal product, is a collection of software modules that support the collection, distribution and management of digital dictation and transcription. The software runs on each Medical Transcriptionist's PC.

A centralized server coordinates the process. Role-based modules provide for the automated distribution and tracking of dictated records and the associated transcribed reports. A key advantage of this software is scalability. It has been designed to work for a stand-alone transcription company, MTSO, or for a transcription company that supplements their efforts through outsourcing.


Training and Resources for the MT

MTWerks is here to help you get more out of Windows and MS Word! Learn how to take advantage of Shortcut Keys, AutoText, AutoCorrect, Macros, Templates and Fields specifically for medical transcription. With books, videos, online classes, and customized training, you can increase your productivity, efficiency and accuracy! And for an MT, that means increasing your income!


Hardware and Software

PCWerks offers new custom computers at discount prices, repairs, upgrades, local and wide area networks, internet solutions, Ftp and WWW servers, webpage design and hosting, professional typesetting, multi-media presentations, transcription tools, custom software applications, and the MedEDocs transcription system.



PCWerks offers custom telephone dictation servers. The MedEVoice Voice Server is a multiport dictation voice server. It is designed to work with either Dialogic or Pika voice boards. MedEVoice Voice server s are available in configurations of 4 ports to 132 ports.



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