Telephone Dictation Servers

PCWerks offers custom telephone dictation servers. The MedEVoice Voice Server is a multiport dictation voice server. It is designed to work with both Dialogic and Pika Boards. MedEVoice Voice server s are available in configurations of 4 ports to 132 ports. The MedEVoice Server was designed to be an enterprise solution. It can be used as a stand alone server or in an array. It can be used with DVI, Dictaphone, Scribe or TeleWave servers or can replace them. The MedEVoice Enterprise was designed to interface with your dictator database to automatically retrieve new dictator information. MedEVoice Databases can be modified for the need. Basic Enterprise setup includes Dictator and locations tables facilitating duplication of dictator IDs. MedEVoice can be used with PRIs using T1 voice boards. When used with PRI, Caller ID (Number called from) and number dialed) is collected and can be reported in the voice metadata file or in a line trace report.  For more information please call 866-460-1265.


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